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Supplier Excellence - Strategic Planning

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Our focus in strategic planning will incorporate top level management in the process by fostering active participation, focus on planning, and training.  These top level executives will then support, maintain and sponsor a shared vision to all engaged company participants. This incorporates the company vision of helping corporations and government agencies create and capture value through supplier development and diversity programs that drive bottom line results.

Executive Level Participation / Sponsorship

Executive sponsorship and direct involvement are the keys to a successful initiative of this size and scope.  For a supplier diversity program to become an integral part of the organization, executive leaders must be active participants.

Some key points on this topic include:

  • Management will comprehend and actively participate in the process
  • Company participants will learn and engage in the process
  • Bottom line results will be achieved

Supply Chain Sustainability Strategic Planning

By selectively recruiting high impact vendors, the process will enable companies to choose, train, mentor, and develop long range planning and interaction with key suppliers. Vendors will be chosen with the goals of achieving longevity in relationship, mentoring for performance excellence, and partnering for mutual profitable end results.

Keys tasks in this area include:

Seek out and develop diverse vendors for a common shared vision of performance and end results.

Ensure that vendors are included in training on new technology and systems.

Work to develop, encourage, and maintain positive working relationships.

Assignment of Responsibilities 

We will be propagating a culture of stewardship with the goals of responsibility, project advancement, goal achievement, and rewards recognition. This step will promote communication throughout all facets of the process. This action affects all levels of company structure from executive level management down.

Responsibilities for the following strategic areas will be addressed:

  • Vendor recruitment.
  • Growth planning
  • Vendor company structure development
  • Payroll
  • Performance assessment and evaluation


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