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Supplier Excellence - Vendor Mentoring

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In order to fully understand who best fits the culture and goals of your organization, you must first take a full assessment of your candidates.  Our program will give you the tools to conduct those assessments and then mentor your successful candidates.

Supplier Assessment

Our process will enable companies to identify, promote, train, maintain qualified participants throughout the growth and performance process enabling strategic decision making for continued growth and advancement of committed vendors. Ongoing evaluation of supplier performance will determine the need to upgrade, replace, or supplement the supplier base for any given need. Assessment will incorporate supplier attitude, performance, goal achievement, and planning ability.

  • Evaluate H.R. capabilities
  • Strength of supplier finances and possibility for future growth
  • Development of exit strategies as needed

Supplier Mentoring

Suppliers will be provided with the necessary skills, shared vision, team approach philosophy, management skill sets and visionary planning to ensure successful performance and sustainability. A key element of the process will focus on teaching small vendors to understand and interact with large corporations. Vendors will be trained to achieve or exceed a level of performance desired by the corporation.

  • Help vendors comprehend the need for change
  • Train vendors to effectively change and meet new criteria and expectations


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