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Supplier Excellence with Sullivan International - Program Overview

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Program Overview

Comprised of 6 major areas, the Sullivan International Supplier Excellence Program is designed to enable organizations to create new supplier diversity programs and/or enhance existing programs.  

Sullivan International brings a wealth of experience to bear on your project.  We fully understand that each implementation of a supplier diversity program is unique to the culture and goals of the sponsoring organization.  As such, our program is designed to bring all the necessary components of a successful program to the table and then assemble the program in a manner tailored to your particular goals.

Program Areas

The six major areas that make up the Sullivan International Supplier Excellence Program each have a number of specific elements that are tested and proven to bring value to your organization.  Depending on your goals, you may need all or only a subset of these elements, and our team will work with you on the customization process.

Organizational Excellence

At Sullivan International, we are keenly aware of how complex a successful supplier diversity program can be.  We understand that it must be mutually successful in order for the program to grow and prosper.  Understanding this, we have shaped our own organization to be a one-stop solution for all the different resources your program may need to succeed.

Within Sullivan International, we have a variety of services available which can be readily brought to bear on your project at the appropriate times.


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