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Supplier Excellence - Change Management

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Creating a measurable and achievable series of goals is crucial to any program's success.  Our change management phase of the program will establish a number of these areas specifically designed to fit your organization.

Tier 1 Spend Program

In the creation of the Tier 1 Spend Program we will work with you to create an environment of stability with high impact vendors through training, logistical support and mentoring. "Direct to customer" vendors will be identified and are long term participants in the process.

Tier 2 Spend Program

In this phase of the program we will selectively recruit, train, and develop subcontractor applicants who add value to the chain through support and participation of the program.

Emerging Technology Program

One of our flagship processes, our Emerging Technology Program will create an environment of success and motivation for smaller diversified companies to excel in this new technology and atmosphere.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 diversity vendors will participate in programs designed to enable them to excel in new technology environments.

  • Technology instruction and training.
  • An awareness of paradigm shifts and culture changes
  • Consistent communication


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