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Celebrating 30 years of Supplier Diversity Excellence! Meet our team!

Does your organization have a shared vision for Supplier Diversity? Learn how we can help!

Are your vendors a good fit for your company? Let us do an assessment!

Don't know where to start with Planning and Implementing your company's Supplier Diversity program? Learn from our experts!
Is your Supplier Diversity program successful? Need help making adjustments? Let our experts help!

Supplier Diversity


Supplier Diversity is much more than just a requirement. It is a cost effective way to dramatically enhance your organization's strength. Working with the right vendors can propel your organization into new areas of growth while addressing diversity standards.

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Vendor Assessment


Building a reliable, diverse supply chain means working closely with your vendors to ensure they are at the top of their game.
Our Vendor Assessment program will help you identify and grow these valuable relationships.

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Supply Chain Sustainability


Our Supplier Excellence Program helps your organization recruit and mentor sustainable vendors to be a part of your supply chain.
We take sustainability to a much deeper level with our approach to your specific needs.

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Training Resources


Human Resources Training represents a value proposition that many organizations have yet to fully realize.  Our solutions help your organization achieve its full potential by investing in your most important resources--your employees

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Human Resources


In today's ever changing environment, a strong Human Resources function brings peace of mind to the chaotic landscape.  Our Human Resources consulting team will support management's efforts to develop and utilize your company's most important asset - its people.

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